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Remodeling Sites 11900BTU Temporary Commercial AC Units With CE Certification

Remodeling Sites 11900BTU Temporary Commercial AC Units With CE Certification

temporary cooling units

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Product Details
Operating Temperature:
18C To 45C
More Effcient Than Permanent AC
Cost Less Energy
Cooling Capacity:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 piece
Packaging Details
paper box or exported wood box
Payment Terms
T/T, negotiate
Supply Ability
500pieces per month
Product Description
Remodeling sites temporary air conditioning 11900BTU spot cooling

Our temporary air conditioning can actually be more efficient than permanent air conditioning. In addition to being affordably priced, they use much less energy than traditional air conditioning so they save you in utility costs. They truly are the best solution for any short-term temperature issues.
Meanwhile, temporary air conditioning includes everything needed for a single point cooling station that offers a low cost, reliable, maintenance free solution to a variety of industrial spot cooling problems. With the turn of a knob , you can select a precise and comfortable temperature in the room. simply roll it in, plug it in, turn it on and set the desired temperature.

Spot coolers are always popular at remodeling sites and industrial warehouses. Here, spot coolers keep a comfortable environment for employees but also maintain a certain level of humidity so that all projects carry along smoothly. In these industries, there is rarely a need for permanent air conditioning because project sites are always changing and only a small area needs to be targeted.
For those planning events, spot coolers are also favorable. No one wants to attend an event where they know they’ll be sweating. Even if you’re hosting a spring wedding, spot coolers will keep your guests comfortable and happy. In addition to weddings we offer event air conditioning at concerts, corporate outings, sporting events, and much more.
New Features
1. Full intelligent control, humidity adjustable.
2. Embedded portable cover plate, easy to repair and clean, can be artificially added water
3. Dry and wet separation design, independent electronic control system, operation is more secure and reliable.
4. Humidity control, timing control, switch control can be chosen in a variety of ways.
5. The machine adopts the anti-burn and anti-corrosion design, which is very sage and durable.
6. Equipped with universal wheels, convenient to move. Full intelligent control.
New innovation
Heating Setup: Portable heat pump combines both cooling and heating capabilities in a single, self-contained unit, it offers significantly higher performance, along with the usual high levels of Weixuan  quality and reliability.

Dehumidifying Setup: Effective water-damage restoration begins with Weixuan . Dry rooms out quickly to reduce the formation of mold and mildew, and keep them from spreading further. A Weixuan  portable unit ensures substantially faster recovery than with fans or dehumidifiers, reducing restoration costs.
Best of all, installation is simple. Just roll the unit in, plug it in, attach the dry-air exhaust duct and turn the unit on. Right away it starts doing its job. You'll save time and money thanks to the new dehumidification technology, which is designed to remove moisture and replace it with dry air. Our machine is the perfect solution for protecting valuable equipment and property from moisture damage.
Technical data

Model WX35
Refrigeration capacity


Voltage /Cycle 220VAC/50Hz
Power consumption 1.4KW
Air Volume 470m³/h
Refrigerant R410A
Noise 50-55db
Working temperature 18-45℃
Size 450 * 510 *1100mm
Weight 60kg
Outlet pipe 2

Controlling PANEL

1. Power button: activates unit when power button is pressed. (fan starts on low speed). if power button is pressed during operation, unit stops.
2. Blower button: changes fan speed from (low) to (high) when pressed.
3. Spot/cool button: activates compressor and begins producing cool air 5 seconds after button is pressed. regulates temperature based on outlet cool air temperature.
4. Alarm: alarm indicator lights (blinks) and indicates abnormal system operation. if alarm occurs, compressor stops.system operation stops when alarm light is activated (blinks) longer than 3 minutes.
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