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Flexible Portable Air Cooler Hose 4 Inch Diameter For Cooler Exhaust

Flexible Portable Air Cooler Hose 4 Inch Diameter For Cooler Exhaust

Portable Air Conditioning Duct

Air Conditioner Hose

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Portable Air Conditioning
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1 piece
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paper box or exported wood box
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T/T, negotiate
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500pieces per month
Product Description

4 inch diameter flexible Portable air conditioner hose for cooler exhaust



1.hose wall:Corrosion-resistant gray PVC material

2.Support integration and interlooking wall

3.Color: graywhiteblack




1.Has excellent heat resistance,Particularly suitable for workbench vacuuming

2.You can frexilu bend and has good positioning line

3.Tightness without losing ,it is flexible and up to 70%

4.As long as the mouth of the pipe twist ,caliber change adjustale range around 15%

5.Cutting ,installation is very easy, you can easily pipeline

1. Anti-static oriented smoking tube surface resistance value of 10 6-10 8Ω, in line with GJB3007-97 anti-static standard requirements;
2. Good flexibility, can be bent at will, when the clockwise or reverse rotation, the pipe diameter can be increased or decreased by 5mm;
3. It is resistant to aging, chemically resistant and has good flame retardancy;
4. High surface hardness, strong scratch resistance and impact resistance.



Inner diameter inch Outer diameter inch Weight IBS/FT Length M
2 2.39 0.38 5
2,1/2 2.78 0.43 5
3 3.24 0.51 5
3,1/2 3.83 0.62 5
4 4.22 0.69 5
5 5.2 0.95 5
6 6.19 1.1 5
7 7.17 1.41 5
8 8.16 1.52 5
10 10.22 1.85 5
12 12.19 2.55 5




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