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910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler 14L Bucket

910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler 14L Bucket

910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler

Refrigerant 2 Ton Spot Cooler

14L Bucket Spot Cooling Units

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2 Ton Spot Cooler Portable AC Unit Industrial Air Conditioning For Outdoor Events
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1 piece
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paper box or exported wood box
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500pieces per month
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2 Ton Spot Cooler Portable AC Unit Industrial Air Conditioning for Outdoor Events



910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler  14L Bucket 0

2 Power supple 220V AC/50HZ
3 Cooling capacity 6500W/22000BTU
4 Air volume selection Strong Weak
5 Cold air discharge 910m3/h 775m3/h
6 Warm air discharge 2600m3/h
7 Rated current 10.8A 8.8A
8 Maximum current 10.8A
9 Power comsamption 2400W 2350W
10 Maximum power consumption 2400W
11 Compressor Fully enclosed rotany
12 Condensate treatment method 14L bucket
13 Refrigerant R410A
14 Refrigerant jnjection 1200g
15 Exhaust pressure 3.0MPa
16 Suction pressure 0.9MPa
17 Operating pressure 4.0MPa
18 Use environment 18℃~45℃
19 Dimensions 560mm*630mm*1260mm
20 N.W(kg) 100



Spot coolers are mobile air conditioning units which provide temporary industrial cooling to areas within a commercial site. Spot cooling not only helps maintain a low temperature in hot areas but helps during power outages or when your air-conditioning unit fails.

They’re an ideal cooling solution for warehouses, stores, pharmacies, restaurants, offices, schools, computer and server rooms,and other interior spaces. Spot coolers maintain a reduced temperature, whether it is for customer comfort in waiting areas, emergency cooling needs, or to within compliance with federal regulation for storage and distribution.


In situations which require more power, our large 2-ton coolers are ready to install, which require a 220v outlet which is ran off the breaker to run these spot coolers. If there is no power or way to exhaust the portable air conditioner, we will organize multiple trades to ensure that units are quickly installed and will have sufficient power and the proper ducting.
In addition to these high-power units, a lower power version is available.


910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler  14L Bucket 1

910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler  14L Bucket 2




910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler  14L Bucket 3910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler  14L Bucket 4910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler  14L Bucket 5910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler  14L Bucket 6


98% of factories in Japan are using it, This is not habitual use,but cost
accounting.if the factory installs central air conditioning, it costs a lot of money.the power consumption is even greater.In
addition,it cannot be a- djusted quickly and easily according to the needs of the work when used,when you don't need to cool down in a large area, you have toturn on the phone, which consumes extra electricity bills!This kind of mobile air conditioner has low investment, low power consu- mption and can be turned off when people leave.when people come, they can be opened to enioy the coolness,and they can also be moved with people to places that need air c- onditioning.When not in use, it can be put away to save working space.It is a good choice for the factory workshop!

910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler  14L Bucket 7910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler  14L Bucket 8910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler  14L Bucket 9910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler  14L Bucket 10910M3/H 2 Ton Spot Cooler  14L Bucket 11




Emergency Portable Structures--quick deployment for tents, mobile clinics, or temporary shelters.
Flooding--for emergency drying, high-volume warm air extracts moisture faster than fans or dehumidifiers alone.
Heatwave--reduce the chances of heat stress in hot workspaces and fac- tories, preventing potential OSHA violations.
Hurricane/Tornado--portable a/c solutions that can run from a generator during a power outage or natural disaster.
Server/Equipment room failure--protect heat-sensitive equipment and pr- event operations from shutting down due to main a/c system failure where redundancy is critical.





1. Are you manufacturer or trade company?

We are professional manufacturers and have done this business for many years.We have a big factory, which is in Shanghai. Welcome to visit our factory any time.


2. What is your main products?

We mainly produce Spot Air Cooler, Portable Air Coolers, Industrial Spot Coolers Commercial Spot Coolers, etc.


3. Can you customize multiple size products ?

Yes,we have special technology and know-how technology, which can produce as customers' requirements.


4. Any Certificates?

We passed CE,ISO,etc.


5. What is your delivery time?

We can make prompt delivery for products in stock. As for customized products or large quantity products, our delivery time is normally 5-8 working days or as your requirement.


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