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WX18 Spot Cooler Air Conditioner With R410A Refrigerant Type

Cooling Capacity: Designed To Cool Larger Areas Compared To Residential Units, With Higher Cooling Capacities And Can Handle Larger Heat Loads Typically Found In Commercial Or Industrial Environments

Remote Control And Monitoring: Comes With Remote Control Capabilities, Allowing Users To Adjust Settings From A Distance, And Advanced Models May Offer Monitoring Features

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Hospitals 6500m3/H Spot Cooler Air Conditioner Partial Cooling

The Air Volume: Strong


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85300BTU Portable Spot Coolers / Air Cooler With Fully Enclosed Compressor

Power Supply: 380V AC/50HZ

Noise: 60~70decibels

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Durable 3500W Spot Portable Air Conditioner / Temporary Coolers For Large Scale

Voltage: 220V/Single/50Hz

Use: Golf Tournaments Cooling

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8500W Three Hoses Substantial Spot Cooling Air Conditioner 28900BTU Energy Saving

Benfits: Substantial Energy Savings

Operating: Inexpensive To Operate

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Space Efficient Spot Portable Air Conditioner 11900Btu Environment Friendly

Cooling Capacity: 11900BTU

Quantity For 40' Container: 144 Pieces

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Low Noise 3.5kw Spot Cooling Air Conditioners Thermostatic Control

Compressor: Imported Rotary Compressor

Motor: Separate Direct Drive Fan Motors

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1.5 Ton Spot Portable Air Conditioner Industrial Thermostat Setting Cooling

Material: Durable Metal Construction

Filters: Metal Washable Filters

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61000BTU Ventless Portable Air Conditioner Spot AC Unit With CE Approved

Application: Rental

Feature: Temporary Spot Cooling

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2.5tons Portable Spot Coolers , 28900btu Cooling Portable Cooling Units

Cooling: 2.5ton

Environtmental Temperature: 18Cto 45C

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Portable Single Phase 220V Spot Cooling Air Conditioner Movable 1.5 Ton

Voltage: 220V,Single Phase

Operating Temperature: 18C To 45C

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Digital Controlling Residential Spot Coolers Temporary Cooling With 2 Flexible Hoses

Material: Stainless Steel

Operating Volts: 220V,can Be Customized

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Two Speed Fans Spot Cooling Air Conditioner Functional Temperature Control

Controlling: Temperature Control

Fan: Two Speed Fan

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Mobile 18kw Tent Cooler Air Conditioner With Rotary Compressor

Power Consumption: 18kw

The Air Volume: Strong

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2 Ton Spot Cooler Commercial Portable AC For Air Cooling Indoor / Outdoor Space

Nozzle: Three

Benifits: Help Move Cold Air Around

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