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Flooring Standing High Capacity Portable Air Conditioner 220 Volt For Indoor Space

Flooring Standing High Capacity Portable Air Conditioner 220 Volt For Indoor Space

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Product Details
Operating Voltage:
Floor Standing
Model Type:
Mobile Spot Cooling
Portable Specialty Cooler
Cooling Capacity:
450 * 510 * 1100
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 piece
Packaging Details
paper box or exported wood box
Payment Terms
T/T, negotiate
Supply Ability
500pieces per month
Product Description
1 ton Commercial Spot Cooling Portable air condtioner flooring standing

WX35 is the original spot cooler. It has no special power requirement so WX35 can be rolled into any room and it's instantly ready to cool the hottest spot. By cooling only the area that needs it, WX35 saves you money while protecting people and equipment and speeding up processes. Self-contained and portable, the WX35 requires little or no installation - simply roll it in, plug it in and turn it on.


These spot cooler air conditioners are preferred because of their convenience and efficiency -- no water lines need to be introduced in the desired room. Our portable air conditioners use ambient air in the surrounding environment so they don’t need any kind of special intake system to operate. Industrial air coolers created from the refrigeration process is exhausted off the top of the unit and can be ducted into the ceiling plenum or directed out the nearest door or window to exit the room or space.



New Features


1. Full intelligent control, humidity adjustable.

2. Embedded portable cover plate, easy to repair and clean, can be artificially added water

3. Dry and wet separation design, independent electronic control system, operation is more secure and reliable.

4. Humidity control, timing control, switch control can be chosen in a variety of ways.

5. The machine adopts the anti-burn and anti-corrosion design, which is very sage and durable.



Technical data


Model WX35
Refrigeration capacity


Voltage /Cycle 220VAC/50Hz
Power consumption 1.4KW
Air Volume 470m³/h
Refrigerant R410A
Noise 50-55db
Working temperature 18-45℃
Size 450 * 510 *1100mm
Weight 60kg
Outlet pipe 2


Our advantages

1. Wherever our customers, sales associates and suppliers come into contact with us, we try to make the dialogue pleasant and profitable for both sides.

2. open ear for questions or problems.

3. Short delivery times for machinery, spares and wear parts.

4. Friendly competent staff.

5. Fair pricing.





There are two filters in the unit. The evaporator filter is located at the front of the unit. The condenser filter is located at the side of the unit.

1. loosen up 2 bolts on the front fi lter guard.

2. Slide f lter up and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the filter.

3. If the filter is heavily covered with dust and dirt, warm water and mild soap or neutral detergent may be used to wash the filter. Do not use any other chemicals to clean fi lter, as they will likely damage the fi lter.

4. Dry the filter in a shaded area before replacing it. Do not operate the unit without the fi lter installed and the filter guard in the closed position.

5. To clean the condenser fi lter, lift up on the side fi lter from the middle bar slightly and then angle the fi lter outwards from the bottom and remove.


Flooring Standing High Capacity Portable Air Conditioner 220 Volt For Indoor Space 0


1. Loosen up 2 bolts on the front filter guard.

2. Slide filter up and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the filter.

3. Remove dust from the filter using a vacuum cleaner hose aachment.

4. If required wash the filter in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Leave to dry in a shaded area before reinstalling.


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