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Portable Cooling Units Rental Temporary Air Conditioning 11900BTU For Outdoor Event

Mounting: Flooring Standing

Usage: Outdoor Event Rental

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Powerful Spot Cooler Rental / Portable Cooling Units 11900BTU Eco Friendly

Mounting: Flooring Standing

Application: Rental And Sales

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9300btu Portable Ac Unit Rental , 220v 50hz Mobile Cooling Unit 1 Phase

Power Supply: 1 Phase

Air Flow: 400m3/h

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Low Noise Portable Cooling Units Rental 11900BTU With Air Tight Motors

Operating Voltage: 220V

Thermostat Settings: Spot-Cool

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Portable Air Conditioner Rental / Portable AC Cooler 11900BTU Movable Wheel Casters

Operating Voltage: 220V/1 Phase

Thermostat Settings: Spot-Cool / Room-Cool

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Portable Air Conditioner Rental / Residential Spot Coolers For Commercial Space

Power: 1 Phase 220v,50HZ

Use: Commercial Industrial Cooling

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61000BUT Spot Cooler Rental , Outdoor 5 Ton Mobile Cooling Unit For Large Scale

Cooling Ability: 5 Ton

Use: Outdoor Reception Event Cooling

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120KG Portable Spot Cooler Rental 28900BTU / H Providing 30SQM Cooling Solutions

Benfits: Providing 30sqm Cooling Solutions

Weight: 120kg

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2 Ton Portable Air Conditioner / Temp Air Conditioning For Large Warehouse Space

Benefits: Cooling Solution For Warehouses, Stores, Pharmacies


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Noiseless Spot Cooler Rental 11900BTU Short Term Cooling For Rest Station

Operating Voltage: 220V,50HZ,customized

Type: Rental Air Conditioner

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1.5 Ton Spot Portable Spot Cooling Units , 18700btu Cooling Commercial Cooler

Cooling Ability: 18700BTU

Benefits: Emergency Cooling

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6500w Spot Cooling Units , 220v 50hz Industrial Portable Ac Cooler 22000btu

Benefits: Free Installation


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